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Why Point North Financial?

Education and service are the foundations of our client relationships. We are passionate about helping our clients with a variety of financial issues, from the need for personal life insurance to the fiduciary liabilities of a 401(k) plan sponsor, from the importance of protecting your retirement assets to providing affordable benefits to your employees. Here are just a few areas we find clients need our help most often:

Basic Financial Literacy
Too many people don't have a strong grasp on their finances. It can be overwhelming, particularly for people who don't have a good understanding of the issues involved, so too often they choose to put off doing any planning. Others think what they're doing is sufficient, only to find out later that they had vastly underestimated their needs. We work with clients to help them organize their financial lives, build a strong foundation, and plan for their futures from there. We utilize a variety of technology tools to bring clarity to one's financial picture, and we update and review the information in the plan when we have periodic reviews with our clients.

Investments & Retirement Income
Too many clients see their advisor's enthusiasm to help them decline as they enter retirement and begin needing to take money out of their accounts. We work with clients in both the accumulation phase of retirement planning, where we focus on asset allocation, funding levels, and investment management, as well as the distribution phase, where we look at protecting assets, sources of income, and the distribution order of various assets available. Getting you TO retirement is just half the job; getting you THROUGH retirement is our top priority. That is no small task considering the volatility we see in the markets today, but there are a variety of strategies we employ to help protect what you've worked so hard to build.

Life Insurance
People are intimidated, fearful even, of considering their own mortality. That results in a lack of action and people not having adequate life insurance coverage to protect their family and loved ones in the case of their death. As an example, at any given time, there are hundreds of thousands of active GoFundMe campaigns pertaining to people dying without having enough life insurance and whose families are left seeking assistance from others. That is both unbelievable and unacceptable! We review the life insurance portfolio for all of our clients and make recommendations where appropriate. Our goal is to shrink the number of people who die without adequate coverage by ensuring that everyone we work with is sufficiently protected.

Strategies for Business Owners
Businesses are faced with a multitude of challenges, from recruiting and retaining talented employees to planning for the eventual transfer of the business to another party. We work closely with business owners to customize solutions designed around their unique needs and priorities. That may be installing or managing a retirement plan for the business, reducing the cost of their group benefit package, protecting the buisness owner's financial interests through buy-sell agreements or key man insurance, and maximizing the business' tax efficiency to the extent possible. We provide ongoing education and service to both the business owner and employees.

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