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Our Core Values

Successful organizations share one very basic, yet often neglected, practice - they are crystal clear on their core values. These values drive everything you do. They are the foundational beliefs that dictate how you operate and make decisions, how you serve your customers or clients, who you hire into your organization, etc.

At Point North Financial, we have identified and embrace the following as our Core Values:

Collaborative - We believe that two is better than one. We employ a team-based approach, taking advantage of the varied expertise of everyone on our team, to solve our clients' needs. We also embrace the opportunity to work with our clients' other professional advisors (CPA, attorneys, etc).

Consultative - We believe that clients deserve to be heard. We listen to our clients and develop recommendations specific to each case. We review a number of alternative solutions, utilizing a variety of providers as necessary, before helping clients arrive at the best option for them.

Principled - We believe that honesty, integrity and reliability are the backbone of trusted relationships. We always focus solely on what is best for our clients. We can be trusted to do what we say we're going to do and to get the job done.

Empowering - We believe that knowledge is power and that clients genuinely want to understand their financial decisions. We educate our clients so they not only fully understand the options we present but can adequately explain what they decide to do and why.

Dedicated - We believe that everyone deserves access to the information and solutions we provide. We provide unparalleled service to our clients and in order to preserve our service model, our team will continue to grow in both size and expertise as our client base expands.

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